Chapter 17: The Morning After

Apparently, we don’t have lessons all day every day. I can’t say every Owner is as generous with liberty as Pandora, because I honestly don’t know if they are, but I do know that Innu told me every fourth day, a group of slaves, even newcomers, got liberty. That means that while I still have my sex class with Miss Geneva, the rest of the day is up to me. I don’t even know what all the options are, but I do know a few options I don’t have. . .

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Chapter 16: Private Studies

That was not the end of the night, only the story, and dinner. We were able to visit the boutique and admire some clothes, accessories, and even some hand-crafted products of a more intimate nature. While we admired some of the creative designs, none of us bought anything. We were about to visit the library when Goldie’s watch began to buzz.

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Chapter 15: Heart of Gold

As I got changed for dinner, with Innu helping me into something casual, I kept thinking about Sarah’s words. Innu had said Sarah used drugs. . . that wasn’t a very nice thing, but she had also said Sarah seduced her slaves, and respected the ones who said no. “Innu, about Mistress Sarah?”

“Yes,” Innu said, helping me into a rose dress with a zipper at the back, the last piece of my outfit for tonight. “What about her?”

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Chapter 14: Heart and Home

Lunch was plain. Sandwiches, salad, an apple. It was. . . disappointing to go to such a plain meal after the morning I’d been through. Innu was waiting for me in the caf, and gave a playful grope and bise to Goldpenny before the gold-uniformed ponyslave went on her own way. Knowing that gold was labor, I was curious what her job was.

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Chapter 13: Let’s Talk About…

Did I mention that I’ve never gotten off before? Not when my boyfriend went down on me. Not when he probed and explored with his fingers. Not when I masturbated. Not even last night with that vibrator Innu got me. And now, here I was, spreading my legs like I was at a gynecologist, showing a teacher how I masturbated. I wasn’t ashamed of sex — but I was embarrassed to be in that position with someone watching and taking notes. It felt like I had been abducted by aliens.

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Chapter 12: Real Lessons Begin

I woke up a bit before my alarm at 0:49, surprisingly less tired than I expected. I figured I had spent almost an hour enjoying my new toy. The button, as it turned out, served as a pump control for the knot. Pressing it made it swell up, holding it in would slowly release the pressure. It had been a fun night.

“Oooh, you got us eggs?” Innu was already in the fridge, grabbing the bottle of water, and had apparently noticed the eggs I bought.

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Chapter 10: Hannah Alone?

We had time for supper, but then Innu had to work upstairs in the brothel. She spent a while getting ready, and left at around 6:T6 on the watch. “Behave for me, Hannah,” she said a she headed out the door.

I had no intention of behaving. I have a chance to be on my own now, for the first time since yesterday morning, and I intended to take full advantage of it.

I was going to escape.

# # #

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Chapter 9: Harsh and Pleasant Introductions

I had been lucky to have such good interactions so far. It turns out that not every owner and slave is as nice as the ones I had met, and the differences in discipline, training styles, and personalities of owners leads to its own class system within the Facility. Most slaves minimize their interactions with slaves from rival owners, either on the command of the owner or just out of social habit.

    Pandora, for example, has a distaste for Doctor Hybert. So outside of things like lessons and medical care, we just tend not to hang out with his dolls. On the other hand, she is intrigued by Sarah, who offers her slaves a lot of liberty, and since they both to be liberal-minded, we tend to get along with Sarah’s slaves pretty well.

# # #

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Chapter 8: Training Begins

Schooling is important to a slave. Well, training, at least, is important. Once we complete a training course, we have the equivalent of a vocational training degree. Not that we can transfer that into a free life, but it means we’re preferred for positions over students or untrained candidates. And since our intensive training takes months compared to years of university. . . well, you can imagine that we’re in demand.

Especially since we tend to have half the going rate of a graduate, with the catch of not being permanent employees. We also get pulled in during strikes, though never quite enough to replace the workers — just enough to keep things going. Aside from external contracts, though, our workday consists of four hours, normal time. Usually that time is spent in the club or brothel, with another two to four hours of training, if we’re in training at all.

# # #

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