Chapter 14: Heart and Home

Lunch was plain. Sandwiches, salad, an apple. It was. . . disappointing to go to such a plain meal after the morning I’d been through. Innu was waiting for me in the caf, and gave a playful grope and bise to Goldpenny before the gold-uniformed ponyslave went on her own way. Knowing that gold was labor, I was curious what her job was.

“You should ask her once that gag comes off,” Innu said. “Though she is one of the lucky ones. Mistress saved her from a kidnapper who wasn’t affiliated with. . . You know. Her bosses. Mistress does that a lot.”

I shrugged as I ate. Mistress was a kidnapper herself, even if she was a relatively nice one. Also, the carrot she had given Innu had the potential to be a horrid tool for torture if I stepped too far out of line. I decided not to comment on that.

“So how was your lesson? Pretty good?”

“Eh,” I said, squirming a little bit. “I guess I enjoyed it. I mean, Goldpenny was. . . she was good. And hot. Just because I enjoyed it doesn’t mean I liked it, though. I still don’t want to be a sex slave.”

Innu just smiled as she ate. I wasn’t sure how to continue, so I just ate for a moment, until I couldn’t stand the silence.

“Um. . . Would you please help me with my studies tonight, Innu?”

“Of course,” she said, punctuating the answer by sipping from a bottle of milk. I guess I didn’t really need to ask, given her assignment from Mistress Pandora, but I still wanted to be polite.

“Um, do you think we could try to find Sonya? If her mistress is alright with it, I’d like her to help me study too. Maybe tomorrow, I mean.”

“I’ll show you how to send her a message later,” Innu said, looking at me. “What about Erick?”

“I’m not assigned to study with males yet,” I said without even thinking. That wasn’t quite what miss Geneva had said, but she was going to get a male partner for me tomorrow. I figured until I had that experience, I was fine to focus on what I had been taught.

“Alright,” she said. “Mistress wants you to go to the salon tomorrow afternoon. We’re going to get you an appointment before your lessons, so hurry up and finish that sandwich.”

I nodded and took a big bite. I wasn’t really hungry any more, so I swallowed it down, and then stood up. “I’m satisfied.”


I was taken by surprise when we got to the salon, and Goldpenny was sitting at the reception desk. She was still in her mask, but there was a screen facing towards us. Innu, however, wasted no time:

“I’d like to schedule an appointment for two at three sixen tomorrow,” she said. “Innu Sobacke and Hannah…” Innue turned to look at me. “Um, Mistress hasn’t told me your last name yet.”

“Brauer,” I said. “Hannah Brauer.” I wasn’t sure if Mistress Pandora knew my last name. Nobody had used it yet, and it seemed like most everybody here only went by one name. Of course, Pandora had taken my clothes. And my handbag. She must have my ID card, she must know my name.

Goldpenny tapped at the keyboard, very quickly, and once she had finished, she looked up at us. The screen had a message: “Full groom or mane only?”

“Full groom,” Innu said, and I could feel her tail slapping against my thigh as she wagged it in excitement. “Full groom together. If possible, could Lee Four-Six and Shi Five-Nine be our groomers? I know they might be busy, but they’re my favorites.”

Goldpenny was typing before Innu stopped talking. Lee Four-Six? That must be one of those latex-clad slaves, like Lee Two-Five, my domestic instructor. I noticed, also, that Goldpenny was still wearing her gold uniform. Was a reception role part of labor? I looked around, and saw that the salon workers behind the counter all had pink uniforms, so they must fall under Pleasure, but Goldpenny stood out.

Another message appeared on the screen. “Miss Innu, a personal favor?”

Innu nodded and leaned closer to the screen. “Personal means don’t watch,” She said, covering it with her hands. After a few seconds of typing, she said, “Of course. I’m sure Mistress will approve!” More typing. “Oh, absolutely.” Again. “Why don’t I ask her right now?”

I panicked and looked around with a start, and as I came to the conclusion that Mistress Pandora wasn’t in the salon right now, I noticed Innu looking at me. “Goldpenny was wondering if she could treat us to dinner and join us at the salon appointment. For the salon, I need to check with mistress, but. . . would you like to join me and Goldpenny for dinner at the Curry Shop?”

The curry shop? One of the restaurants, tonight? “I guess so,” I said, feeling a flush on my cheeks. “Dinner sounds gol. . . I mean good. I’d like to, yes.”

Innu giggled a bit. “Then it’s all set.” Turning back to Goldpenny, she gave a thumbs up. “Thank you, Goldie! We’ll see you around five for dinner.”

Innu hurried me out of the salon and then hugged me suddenly. “Goldie seems to like you, and she’s usually so aloof. Very independent. Can you get down to your domestic lesson, or do you need an escort?”

“Er, I, of course, I think I know the way,” I said, gasping for breath as her hug pressed in harder. “Breath.”

“Oh, sorry,” Innu said, letting go. “Be good and get to your lesson. I’ll see if Mistress is free and Goldie can join us.”


Not much was different about the housework lesson today. Lee Two-Five showed me some strategies to help tidy the room better, like focusing on sections when there was too much mess to focus on tasks. He taught me how to make a bed, like, how to make a bed properly, how to fold and hang laundry, and how to properly store it in different styles of drawers or closets.

“Tomorrow Hannah will be taught kitchen duties,” he said, bringing an end to the lesson. “Lee Two-Five reports good progress in today’s lesson.”

After that, I asked the terminal in the room where my next lesson was, and followed the lights to Ilsa’s classroom. She taught me a bit about data management, and common keyboard commands to help me work faster. Did you know that most computers let you rename a file with like one or two key presses? I knew you could use TAB to move to the next file in the list, but this helped me work even quicker, however slight the benefit might seem.

Ilsa gave me an overview of the curriculum: She was going to teach me proper use of command line interfaces, and then fundamental programming concepts that would help me work faster by writing scripts. After that, my proficiency would determine if I got trained for office software or programming. I was enjoying the lessons, though, and not sure if I wanted to be more of an office worker or a programmer.

Then, I got to head back to my suite. My. . . My house, in this place. For the first time, I got to take my own way back. I had plenty of time available to enjoy the walk home before Goldpenny was meeting us for dinner.

I found myself in the park before I headed upstairs. I walked around a bit, and took in the people, the slaves, who were here. Black-clad drones with work uniforms on top, or a few with nothing over their latex outfits. I knew now that they belonged to Mistress Yuki. Some older, maybe up to middle-aged, women who looked like they were living dolls. It seemed like the Doctor didn’t have much interest in males, and very particular tastes in women.

There were young men and women in casual clothes or work uniforms too. Some wore the same sort of collar as I did. Kidnapped slaves, I thought. Once they–we–were obedient, would the collars come off? I hoped so, even though in only two days, I felt like the collar was becoming a part of me. Others wore anklets or bracelets or both. Were the collars Pandora’s mark, maybe? The anklets and bracelets might be Sarah’s, then. How many Masters and Mistresses were in this place?

I was surprised when someone tapped me on the shoulder, breaking me out of my idle thoughts. “Hannah, yes?”

The voice made my face hot, and I didn’t need to look to see who it was. “Mistress Sarah? I, er, am I in your way?”

“No,” she said, stepping around me and turning to look me in the eyes. “It’s really a shame that you were so nosy. I had my eyes on you before Pandora took you. I think you’d be happier in my care.”

“Uh, what? But what about Sonya?”

“We have a quota to fill,” she said, gently guiding me to a bench. “I suppose you would have contributed to that as mine or Pandora’s, but I’m still jealous.”

I swallowed heavily. “So you think I’m. . .”

“I like how you look. I like your curiosity. I think you have a submissive streak you haven’t even admitted to yourself yet,” she said, gently pushing me to sit on the bench. “Sonya is adorable, but when I’m with her, I don’t think about her. It’s not her fault, of course. I’m. . . defective, as my old therapist put it. That hag deserved worse than I did to her.”

I blushed as she leaned in, almost as if she were about to kiss me. Instead, she just spoke in a sultry whisper: “Of course, my defects actually help me as a therapist. I’ll be seeing you in two days, Hannah. I hope you’re as ready to open up to me as I have been just now.”

With that, she left, and I tried to compose myself before hurrying back to the safety of my house.

Chapter 13: Let’s Talk About…

Did I mention that I’ve never gotten off before? Not when my boyfriend went down on me. Not when he probed and explored with his fingers. Not when I masturbated. Not even last night with that vibrator Innu got me. And now, here I was, spreading my legs like I was at a gynecologist, showing a teacher how I masturbated. I wasn’t ashamed of sex — but I was embarrassed to be in that position with someone watching and taking notes. It felt like I had been abducted by aliens.

I started off slow. I was not, after all, in the mood the instant I entered miss Geneva’s classroom. She offered to bring a tablet with pornographic imagery, or to read me some erotic literature if I needed some help. I groaned a bit and shook my head. I closed my eyes, trying to pretend she wasn’t there, that I was showing my boyfriend what to do. It helped a little bit. My left hand rose up to my breast and gave it a firm grope, prompting me to let out a squeaking gasp. After a moment I recognized that my imagination was putting Innu in the position of the one groped and petting my breast. I didn’t mind that, and the feel of my paw up top helped me prime myself for better masturbation.

My finger slid over my hood, along the warm and slightly moistened slit of my sex. The fine fur surrounding my sex almost tickled my paw, and I let out a little moan as I imagined someone kissing my sex, right below the hood. I don’t even know who I was imagining in that position, as I used my thumb and forefinger to gently part the lips, feeling the relatively cool air against the warm folds.

Okay, so at this point, I was thinking of the erotica I had read. I was internally narrating my actions in the most sensual way I could, and it was helping me out so much. I felt hot, sexy, and as my fingers played with the folds of my clitoris, I may have let out a deep sensual moan. For a moment, I forgot I had an audience I had never chosen, and let my finger slide slowly into me. It was only a centimeter or so deep before I started to let it probe, exploring as if it had never been there before, despite being a veteran spelunker in this organic fissure.

I imagined Pandora looking at me with a smile, and I could feel my face growing flush. This was what she was making me, and I was a little turned on by it. Then I imagined Mistress Sarah watching as Sonya licked me out, the other slave’s face pressing against my not-currently-very-private parts. I gasped suddenly, feeling a touch at my foot.

“That was an excellent demonstration,” miss Geneva said, smiling at me with a slight smile and wide eyes. “It’s time to demonstrate what you know about using these. I have two manual dildos, one for mounting, and one with a vibrator motor inside.” She indicated them and smiled. “So pick one and let’s begin.”

I was decidedly less skilled with the dildos than without. I was too nervous to even used the mounted one, still a bit too attached to the idea of virginity and how special penetrative sex was, and worried that I might hurt myself pushing too far. The other toys I was comfortable enough with, since those were hand-operated as far as depth.

After about a dozen minutes, Geneva stopped my demonstrations. She then put the dildos into a plastic bin for used toys, anything that was used for more than light handling had to go in those bins to get washed. “You have a good approach with your bare paws,” Geneva said, pulling out a pair of trays with identical dildos to the first set. “You will need some practice with the toys, and I expect that Mistress will be ordering me to deal with your virginity soon if it continue to interfere with your lessons. With that said, today is about the body. We will only use these toys as tools for female pleasure, not as simulacra of male partners. Take a moment to catch your breath, drink some water, and I will bring in your partner for this lesson.”

I nodded blankly, merely taking the words in after the comment about dealing with my virginity. This classroom had a sink set up towards the back, with disposable cups for drinking and a pair of soap dispensers for washing up. They were labeled with the standard icons for human and furre, to identify which was fur-wash instead of body-wash. I filled the cup and took a drink.

So I had good… approach? Technique? Well, I mean, who could possibly be better at pleasing me than myself, right? And while I had toyed with vibrators and dildos, I had always been… well, they were so different. Yes, I would be taught how to use them, and I was almost excited for the lessons. The taboo, or stigma, or whatever, of being taught sexual activities made it a hot prospect to have a teacher helping me. And… a partner, she had said. I filled the cup again and drank once more, wondering who my partner would be. I turned around and tossed the cup into the bin.

A young girl, perhaps similar in age to myself, had been brought in. She was undressing as I turned to look, and I saw that she had a pair of horse ears atop her head, and a long, flowing blonde tail coming from her rear end, exactly where human anatomy would dictate it to start. She wore a silver bell on her tail and a leather harness under her uniform. She was probably about 20 centimeters taller than me, and as I looked, I saw that she wore a pair of high heels shaped to make her foot look like a hoof.

She turned around, after folding and setting her uniform on a desk. Her eyes were wide and bright, the outside corners turned up and her nostrils flared wide in the usual signs of a smile. The signs, but she wore a golden-bronze colored latex mask over her face, with a black leather bridle on top of it. Her breasts were perky c-cups, and her body was all human, apart from the head and tail.

Geneva beckoned me over. “Goldpenny, this is Hannah. Hannah, this is Goldpenny, the pony-slave.”

I was in awe — I had met a few partial-change furres, but Goldpenny was virtually a living sculpture. And a pony-slave? I had no idea what it was, but in the moment I had known her, I wanted to know everything about her and her dress.

As an aside for Mistress Sarah, when you read this: I think it was at this time that I began to admit to myself that I am far more bisexual than I ever considered before coming here.

“Hannah, for the next six minutes, I want you to use your own technique on Goldpenny. She will lounge on the chair for you,” Geneva said, giving a firm touch to Goldpenny’s left thigh. At this signal, Goldpenny snorted and walked gracefully to the lounge chair (why had I not sat there earlier?) and spread her legs. The harness, apparently not meant to cover anything, revealed her rosy sex, which was shaved smooth and bare for me to witness. “I will give you instructions, as Goldpenny is not permitted to speak at present.”

The whole lesson was similar — I would pleasure Goldpenny while Geneva watched and gave me pointers. Goldpenny would do the same to me for a similar amount of time. I would be asked to try and describe my feelings while Goldpenny worked. When they got to the mounted dildo, I watched Goldpenny demonstrate control of how deep she went, then I was asked to do the same. It was… awkward, but sort of nice. Once I was on it, Geneva asked me to go down until I felt uncomfortable.

She marked the point on the dildo where I stopped, then asked me to ride it, doing a few loops of up and down before she asked me to lean forward, then backward, experimenting with angles to find the one I enjoyed the most. Goldpenny actually liked having it mounted to the wall and riding it, well, pony-style. I enjoyed watching that, but I guess I found the most pleasure while leaning back a bit, so the dildo was pressing against the front walls of my sex. It felt good, having the toy strain to pull itself straight up while I rode it. I think that I might have imagined riding on a wolf-cock, watching a stallion breed Goldpenny. I’m not sure, but I did have a hot fantasy during that part of the lesson. I wish I had written it sooner so I could remember it more clearly…

“Time to clean up,” Geneva said in a sharp and crisp voice, breaking through the haze of pleasure. “Hannah, you have no excuse to avoid the mounted toy next time. You know how to limit your penetration on the toy now. And I hope you’ve learned a bit about what turns you on and how to pleasure yourself and other girls.”

“Y…” I started, then paused as I pulled myself off the toy. It was one of the better masturbatory experiences of my life, I had to admit, going through that lesson. And Goldpenny had a firm touch coupled with soft, supple skin. When she toyed with my sex, it was definitely better than touching myself. It was also better than my boyfriend had ever gotten, probably because she knew what she was doing. “Yes, miss Geneva.”

“And you have homework,” she said, grinning as she watched us clean up the toys we had used. Goldpenny snorted and huffed at times, but really didn’t try to speak through her latex mask. “For the next 5 nights, I want you to find a partner to practice your masturbatory skills. Let them guide you in masturbating them, and guide them in masturbating you. I want a summary of your experiences at the start of each class session.”

I swallowed a bit. At this point, all of the toys were in the cleaning bin, and Goldpenny and I were getting supplies from the sink to clean our juices off the desks and chair we had used. “Yes ma’am,” I answered, taking a deep breath to try and calm myself.

“Goldpenny, after you finish cleaning this room, escort Hannah to the cafeteria for her lunch,” Geneva said. “I need to prepare for my work shift, so I will be leaving you two to finish cleaning alone.”

With that, she stepped out of the classroom door and I was alone with the ponyslave. “Er, Goldpenny? I… I just want to say that you look beautiful.”

Her face lit up in all the signs of a smile and she trotted over, then nuzzled me. She pointed to the desk I had mounted my dildo on.

I went back to cleaning the classroom.

Chapter 12: Real Lessons Begin

I woke up a bit before my alarm at 0:49, surprisingly less tired than I expected. I figured I had spent almost an hour enjoying my new toy. The button, as it turned out, served as a pump control for the knot. Pressing it made it swell up, holding it in would slowly release the pressure. It had been a fun night.

“Oooh, you got us eggs?” Innu was already in the fridge, grabbing the bottle of water, and had apparently noticed the eggs I bought.

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Chapter 10: Hannah Alone?

We had time for supper, but then Innu had to work upstairs in the brothel. She spent a while getting ready, and left at around 6:T6 on the watch. “Behave for me, Hannah,” she said a she headed out the door.

I had no intention of behaving. I have a chance to be on my own now, for the first time since yesterday morning, and I intended to take full advantage of it.

I was going to escape.

# # #

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Chapter 9: Harsh and Pleasant Introductions

I had been lucky to have such good interactions so far. It turns out that not every owner and slave is as nice as the ones I had met, and the differences in discipline, training styles, and personalities of owners leads to its own class system within the Facility. Most slaves minimize their interactions with slaves from rival owners, either on the command of the owner or just out of social habit.

    Pandora, for example, has a distaste for Doctor Hybert. So outside of things like lessons and medical care, we just tend not to hang out with his dolls. On the other hand, she is intrigued by Sarah, who offers her slaves a lot of liberty, and since they both to be liberal-minded, we tend to get along with Sarah’s slaves pretty well.

# # #

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Chapter 8: Training Begins

Schooling is important to a slave. Well, training, at least, is important. Once we complete a training course, we have the equivalent of a vocational training degree. Not that we can transfer that into a free life, but it means we’re preferred for positions over students or untrained candidates. And since our intensive training takes months compared to years of university. . . well, you can imagine that we’re in demand.

Especially since we tend to have half the going rate of a graduate, with the catch of not being permanent employees. We also get pulled in during strikes, though never quite enough to replace the workers — just enough to keep things going. Aside from external contracts, though, our workday consists of four hours, normal time. Usually that time is spent in the club or brothel, with another two to four hours of training, if we’re in training at all.

# # #

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Innu’s Diary – Chapter 1: My Beginning


I’m not sure when I first realized I wanted to serve. I know it was before I was eighteen. I did a lot of research about BDSM, and even had a few friends, eighteen before me, who helped me figure out trustworthy and sketchy information. So while I read stories and stuff online, I have never tried it at all until my first scene, when I also met the first person I loved.

Innu Sobacke

# # #

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Chapter 7: Home Enough

There are three sorts of living arrangements inside Pandora’s Box. There are two-bed, one-bed, and apartment housing options, though to say that they are “options” ignores, somewhat, the nature of being a slave. Innu showed me her one-bed apartment, a cozy little space with a bedroom, a private bathroom, and a living space with a mini-kitchen. She also said she doesn’t use the mini-kitchen much.

    The apartments are bigger and more customizable, but they aren’t for slaves. The apartments are reserved for owners, like Pandora or the doctor who performed my physical exam. A slave might have a room set aside in an owner’s apartment, but that would generally be reserved for one like Innu, who is loyal and eager, and whom Pandora cares for deeply.

# # #

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Chapter 6: The Grand Tour – Part 2

Sex. Sex sells. We all know it. So I wasn’t the least bit surprised, once I’d found out this was a slavers’ ring, that they trained sex slaves. In fact, I was a little bit excited. It turns out that they will force all of the sex slaves to receive training to act bisexual, whether they are or not. Other than that, there’s hardly anything enforced by Pandora that is particularly deviant.

She requires us to understand the male and female anatomy so we can pleasure both with our hands, our tongue, our lips, and the basic, mainstream toys like dildos and vibrators. We’re also taught how to kiss, and how to interpret what our partner wants. When I first walked into the sex room, I was nervous, yes, but also deeply thrilled and excited.

# # #

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