Chapter 3: Reward and Punishment

There isn’t a formal name for the tablet and smartphone like terminals used within the Facilities. Pandora called hers “the carrot,” but for the most part they are the same hardware as a smartphone, a tablet, or a tablet PC, depending on their size and intended function. “The carrot” was, however, a euphemism based on the “carrot and stick” approach to training. I am glad she preferred the carrot to the stick, though.

    I, personally, like the terms “remote”, “tablet”, and “terminal” for the three different devices, and so I’m going to continue using them as I write my story under the orders of miss Sarah, who is hoping that this diary will help me adapt more quickly to my “new place in life,” as Miss Pandora put it.

# # #

PLEASURE. 0.1 ORG. 12L-0039.

Pandora tapped the “send” button on her remote and my body filled with a sensation of being gently caressed everywhere. It felt wonderful, and it seemed to last a minute or more. As it passed, I saw Pandora smiling at me. The remote was no longer facing me, and her fingers were doing something on it.

“This was the lightest setting,” she said, her eyes flicking downwards to the screen. “There are, of course, better rewards for especially good behavior.”

I was still panting a bit as I recovered from the sudden rush of pleasure. “I don’t think that’s really so light,” I said. I feel like I wanted more, but was too stubborn to ask.

“Of course,” Pandora continued. “The collar can punish you as well. It is far less pleasant, and I do not enjoy using it. I suggest you avoid disobeying, becoming violent, or doing anything else that deserves punishment.”

“I. . . hope you won’t demonstrate just to show me how bad it is, miss Pandora.”

She raised her thumb and grinned. “I don’t know. Do I need to demonstrate, Hannah? Or will you behave yourself and obey?”

My eyes may have shot wide at that. “I. . . I will behave.”

“Good girl.” She smiled and her thumb went down on the remote. She raised it to her mouth. “Innu, enter now.”

I turned to the door, which slid open and revealed a chocolate colored dog girl wearing a gold-colored dress. “Hiya,” she said, walking up and standing beside Pandora. She was better endowed than I, and taller too.

“Hannah, strip.” Pandora looked squarely at me.

“Why? I’m already in my underwear,” I said, my left eye twitching again. “I just want to get dressed, not undressed.”

“Because you are still wearing your underwear,” Pandora said. “I gave you a command and I will not repeat myself. Behave and obey.”

I stood up and stared at her for a moment. She stared right back at me. I noticed her finger rising above the remote and tried to imagine the pain in context of the pleasure I’d experienced as a sample. I closed my eyes and reached behind my back, releasing the clasp of my bra. I slipped it off, and then did the same with my panties. I was. . . completely exposed. I must have been blushing.

“That is more like it,” Pandora said, handing the remote to the girl beside her. “I cannot monitor you constantly, though I will follow your progress. Innu will serve as your guide, your mentor, your best friend, and your roommate. Also, if you touch the carrot I just gave her, you will be automatically exposed to punishment.”

As Pandora spoke, I felt the nurses measuring me. My height, my feet, my hips, waist, breasts. I figured this was all important information for them to have on file, to monitor my health across visits and such. They also measured my hair. The first time I had thought about it since waking up was when they let it slide back down my back. It stopped between my shoulder blades. But at this point, Pandora was still talking:

“Now, Innu is going to help you work on your attitude. I do not allow my slaves to behave so in my home.”

The implications had been there all morning, but it was only when Pandora said the word that I realized what was really happening. This wasn’t some exclusive educational opportunity. I had been kidnapped and was now being made into a slave. “I am not a slave,” I shouted at her, feeling my fur, my ears, my muzzle. . . I was a mousegirl again now. “I’m a. . .”

“Innu, punish.” As Pandora spoke the dog girl pressed her finger on the remote, turning her head away from me.

I collapsed to the floor. Every part of my body hurt, like I was being pulled apart in every direction at once. I let out a scream in my pain, and closed my eyes tightly, as if it would stop the pain. It felt like it lasted longer than the sample reward. And then I felt a specific pain. I looked up and Pandora was standing above me. Her foot was pressing firmly into my belly, but clearly as an act of intimidation, not attack. “I will say this once to make myself perfectly clear, Hannah. You are a slave now. You are my slave now. You. Are. Mine.”

She turned, and said, “Innu, stop punishment.” She walked away from me and returned to Innu. “Accept your place and learn quickly, slave. If you do that, you will have a pleasant and happy life in my home. If you do not, you will suffer far more than that.”

The pain had stopped, but my mind couldn’t just release it. I rolled over to my belly, tried to push myself up. Instead I just pitifully looked up at Pandora and Innu. “P- please. I. . .” I couldn’t find the words. I couldn’t stand the pain. “I’m not. . .” I tried again to push myself up, but only got part of the way before my arms gave out.

“What was that, slave?” Pandora’s back was turned to me as she scratched Innu behind the ear. Innu was smiling with her eyes closed.

“I’m. . .  not. . . ready,” I said, letting my head lie on the floor. “P- please.”

Pandora turned Innu’s head and kissed her, a deeply passionate, if short kiss. “As I said, slave. Learn.” With that she walked out of the room, followed by the men in the black uniforms. Innu stayed behind, holding the remote, and looking at me.

For a long moment, we looked at each other before she came over and offered me her hand. “Hi. I’m Innu.”

I pushed myself to my knees and then took her offered hand. “Hi.” I let out a loud sigh. “I guess. . .” I looked around the room, and notice that the doctor was in his office while the nurses were cleaning up the room. “I’m Hannah.”

Innu held my hand and shook it energetically. “It’s nice to meet you, Hannah.”

I shrugged a bit, working my hand out of her grasp. “You’ll forgive me, I’m sure, but it’s not so nice to find out I’ve been kidnapped. Besides, you are in league with my captors.”

She nodded and sighed a bit. “Well. . . It may not be easy to understand, but I was where you are once. Anyway, you want to get dressed, don’t you? Let me show you to our room!”

I blinked. So she had whatsit syndrome, the one where you fall in love with your kidnapper. Still, if the room had a bed, and clothes, it was worth following her. I picked up my underwear and started to put it on nervously. “Aren’t you gonna. . . punish me for this?”

“No. Mistress never said you need to stay naked, silly,” she said, grinning. She stepped away towards the door.

Once my clothes were back on, I held out my hand. “Well then, Innu. Lead on.”

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