Chapter 4: The Uniform Makes the Slave

Pandora was entrusted with all of the responsibilities for this facility, including paying the price for failure if anything goes wrong. Nobody talks about what that price is, but I imagine it’s something in the “fate worse than death” category. Maybe she ends up as a slave like us.

Still, the responsibility included designing the structure and aesthetic of the facility, and in terms of tying things together, I can’t help but compliment her skills, even if I don’t have much love for her as a person. Everything in here seems to be designed to fit together.

# # #

“So, I guess you want clothes, huh?” Innu looked at me with a smile as we stepped outside of the clinic. “I mean, you did say you want to get dressed, right?”

I nodded and followed her for a few steps. She stopped and looked back at me. “Sorry, I just. . . I feel a bit chilly, only got my underwear on.”

“Chilly?” Innu looked confused for a moment. “Is your fur thin? Well, whatever. We have a salon and spa and they can get you shiny, fluffy, sleek… however you want your fur, they can do it.” Her tone was so energetic and happy-sounding that I was tempted to punch her. Though that would probably bring a punishment, so I decided against it.

“It’s just a personal thing,” I explained. “I feel chilly when I’m naked or in my underwear. I’m sure the climate control is fine.”

“Okay, but you should really consider the salon,” Innu said, holding out her arm. “I like my fur being fluffy and bouncy. Feel it.”

“No thanks,” I said. Nobody had ever invited me to feel their hair after a salon trip before. I wouldn’t know what I was doing. Plus, I never spent any longer in a salon than it took to just get a simple haircut. “I’ll pass on feeling, if that’s okay.”

“Are you seriously passing on the salon?” Innu’s eyes went wide as she stopped and turned to face me. “That’s just. . . Crazy!” She giggled a bit as she turned and kept leading me through the halls.

“Not the salon,” I said. “I just. . . I was never into that whole feeling hair thing people did. It’s a personal space thing.” We made a turn and I felt lost. “So, er, Innu? How exactly do you find your way around in here?”

“Well, I invited you. And, really? It’s mostly practice,” she said, stopping by a door. We had passed a few people in other costumes, a few pink, one green, and two in beige ones with a rainbow of stripes on the sleeves. “Here we are.”

I looked to the side and saw a doorway in the wall. “So this chip in my arm will open the door?”

Innu nodded and smiled widely. “Yup. Go right ahead.”

I stepped forward. When I was about two steps from the door, I heard a soft whirring, and the door opened up revealing a toilet. “I thought we were going to get clothes?”

“Well you turned to the wrong doorway,” Innu said, giggling. “Lucky the bathroom was empty, huh?” She turned me around and pointed to the dark grey stripe on the door, and the lettering in it.

“Uniform Outfitter”

I stepped up to the door again, blushing, and walked through it once it was open. The room was not large or small, and had shelves of outfits in a variety of colors. A man in a gold uniform, similar to Innu’s except that he wore short pants, was standing behind the counter.

“Sorry,” I said to Innu as she followed me in. “I just hadn’t noticed any doors on this side of the hallway yet.”

Innu giggled a bit. “I blame the hotel designer. Those people love using both sides of the hall.”


“Upstairs. You know, Pandora’s box? Club, hotel, restaurant? Spark up your love life?” The words sounded familiar even before the last part of the pitch. “Hope for better love.”

“Yeah, I went there last night. I was. . . curious about the construction crews still being around.” It was a small lie, hiding the real purpose of my visit behind a superficial point.

“And you just met Mistress Pandora who runs Pandora’s Box. Oh, tell the uniform slave what you need. Actually, hold out your chipped arm, too,” she said.

I hesitated. Holding out my chip? What for? After a few seconds, though, I did it. “I, er, need clothes.” Then I turned back to Innu. “She took my clothes for. . . her protection, she said. What’s that about?”

“No, get your new clothes first,” Innu said. “That’s an order.”

“You do seem to be in dire need of some clothes,” he said, a quiet laugh following. “Though those undies aren’t exactly up to par here either. One moment.” He flipped up a tablet and nodded. “Okay. Let me just grab what you need.”

He walked over to one of the shelves. “Oh, what color?”

“Tell him you need a training uniform,” Innu said. “With a skirt.”

“Um, I need a training uniform,” I said, following the instructions.

“Pants, skirt, or dress?”

“P. . .” I paused. Innu had told me to get a skirt. Innu, please, can I get the pants? I’m much more comfortable in them.”

“Skirt. Mistress wants you wearing the skirt,” Innu said, gently taking my hand and squeezing it. “I do want to be your friend, but I have my orders, and I am assigned as your superior. She may let you choose later on, but right now, you need to obey me much as you need to obey her.”

“Skirt,” I said, my tone dropping sharply. I hated skirts. On top of never liking them, they reminded me of all those creepy Japanese sex cartoons about school girls.

After a moment the man walked back up to the counter. “Here we go, one training uniform with regulation undergarments. It should be exactly your size. Will you try it on?”

I looked to Innu. “Please?”

“Of course,” Innu said.

The man pointed me to a curtained off area behind the counter, and let me in to head there. Once I was in, I slipped my underwear off and looked at the new set of underwear. It was nothing garish or obscene. Just a basic support bra and bikini panties, in a plain white.

The panties fit perfectly. The bra didn’t quite want to close, though, so I reached out of the curtain, holding it. “Could I please get a slightly larger bra?”

The man took the bra and said, “Sure.” While he went to get it, I slipped on my new skirt. It went about halfway to my knees, and fit snugly, though it seemed to have a good amount of flexibility. Maybe it had elastic fibers woven in, I noted. It was beige, like the khakis I had worn during my job. What was going to happen with my job, I wondered? “Here, this should do it,” the man said, holding a new bra in.

He was right. It fit perfectly. Just like the panties and the skirt. All that was left was my shirt. I noticed it was short, and had short sleeves. I put it on, and it hung a little bit loosely on me, though the sleeves and collar were snug. I looked around, and noticed that there was a vanity mirror on the wall. I looked more like a recruit to some sort of sexy amazon army than a student or a worker, with most of my legs and my tummy showing. Still, I couldn’t say it was a bad look.

I stepped out and smiled, holding my old panties and bra. “I. . . I suppose, I don’t need these anymore? And can you tell me who designed this?”

The man held out his hands. “I’ll dispose of the old clothes. But I don’t know who designed these. Maybe of of the pleasure slaves who does fashion work?”

Innu giggles. “I’m not allowed to name the designer. Mistress would punish me for revealing her top secret friends.”

“Um, Innu? May I say something to your student, please?”

Innu looked between them and nodded. “Be gentle. If you make her cry, I will make sure you get punished.” I could hear a growl in her voice.

The man swallowed a bit at the implied threat. “Look, you aren’t alone here. Most of us were taken unaware into this as well. You may be a slave, but. . . We’re Mistress Pandora’s slaves, and she’s a kind and generous Mistress, as long as you behave well. When my master trained me, the one before Mistress Pandora, I wasn’t allowed any clothes during my training. It may seem like you’ve lost a lot, but under Mistress Pandora, you’ll be among the most privileged slaves here.”

I blushed a bit as I thought about him naked. Then he moved his tablet over to me. “Hold still a moment. You still need to pay for that.”

I could feel a little anger and embarrassment as he mentioned paying. Still, I didn’t want to look defenseless. “Sorry,” I said firmly. “I left my wallet in my other pants.”

“Not a problem. It all goes on your credit account,” he said. After a few seconds there was a beep. “There we go. Updated your data with the proper bra size. Next uniform should be a simple in and out.”

Innu smiled and giggled. “She’s going to need two more of these uniforms, but send them to my room while I show her around.”

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