Chapter 12: Real Lessons Begin

I woke up a bit before my alarm at 0:49, surprisingly less tired than I expected. I figured I had spent almost an hour enjoying my new toy. The button, as it turned out, served as a pump control for the knot. Pressing it made it swell up, holding it in would slowly release the pressure. It had been a fun night.

“Oooh, you got us eggs?” Innu was already in the fridge, grabbing the bottle of water, and had apparently noticed the eggs I bought.

“Yeah. But we have time for a quick shower and a proper breakfast today, right?”

“I guess,” she said. “But can’t you make us eggs?”

“No, those are for when we can’t get them at the cafeteria,” I said. “I mean, I can make them. I just don’t want to.”

“You didn’t get off,” she said.

My eyes shot wide. “What?”

“I heard you clear as a bell,” she said, giggling. “You had fun with your vibrator, but didn’t get off last night. That’s why you’re cranky, isn’t it?”

“I just want a shower,” I said, shaking my head. “I’m going with or without you.”

Innu giggled a lot, but she did follow me out of the room. “By the way, that DRI-WASH stuff is not good for regular use. Leaves the fur all stiff and bristly.”

“I’ll remember that,” I said. I had used another shampoo once that did that, and it was not comfortable. It made me look like a hedgehog or a porcupine. “I just thought it was a good idea to have if I’m in a hurry like yesterday.”

She nodded. We finished our walk to the bath in silence, and as I stripped, she pointed to a hamper. “If you wear yesterday’s clothes on the way here, you can put them here to get washed,” she said, tossing her uniform into the hamper piece by piece. “Wait, lemme try for a long shot. . .” She walked across the room and tossed her balled up panties. They missed the hamper.

“Ah, well.” She walked over and got them into the hamper. “Laundry service will have them back at our room by 6:00 if you do that.”

I blinked. Did the clothes have chips like the one in my arm? Did they synchronize to my ID when I left the shop? And they were washable?

“It’s not magic,” Innu said. “It’s all science! Also, smoke and mirrors. You actually get another uniform that matches your measurements from them. Maybe it’s your own, maybe not. Go ahead, let them know you need a clean uniform for tomorrow.”

I nodded and went to the hamper. Innu grabbed my hand and waved it near the device. “There. Now let’s wash!”

She dragged me into the shower, and we bathed. It took a few minutes, about as long as usual. “But seriously,” she said, once she noticed the other bathers had left the room. “It’s not worth getting halfway off, Hannah. I hope your pleasure lessons get you to the point you know how to get that final push, okay?”

I nodded awkwardly. “O-okay,” I said. I thought back as we went through the air dryers designed to agitate our fur and get the water out. “I don’t think I’ve ever. . . gotten further than I did last night.”

Innu sighed. “Okay. Well, um, if you like, maybe I can help you?”

I shuddered suddenly. I’m not sure exactly why, but I know it had something to do with her offer to help. Was it because she’s a girl? Was it because I was actually embarrassed? I still don’t know for sure. I do know that my answer wasn’t the one I really wanted to give, though: “I’ll pass for right now, thanks.” Even as I said it, I knew that I did, really, want to experience climax soon.

“Mistress sent me a message last night. She says that she wants you to try harder in your sciences course, and give it a serious attempt. Apparently Ilsa was very disappointed in your lack of attention yesterday.”

Ilsa. . . I nodded as I put on my uniform, and then we headed to breakfast. It was only 0:80, so we had plenty of time to eat properly. Breakfast today was more organized today, with a service line instead of buffet tables. We got scrambled eggs with cheese, a buttermilk roll with a sausage patty on it, and a cup of melon cubes. There was porridge too, but Innu and I both passed that over. To drink, Innu brought us coffee. “Is this really coffee?”

“Decaf,” she let out a heavy sigh. “I wish it was real coffee, but it’s better than nothing after a late night.”

I nodded and took a sip. Well, at least it was strong.

# # #

After yesterday’s overview, today’s lesson focused on advanced maths and computer science, and that sort of work I could end up with in those fields. Computers did catch my attention. Not because I had dreamed of being a programmer or something, just because, I suppose I should know more about them with how important they seem to be in life, even now that I am in here.

I asked Ilsa if we could focus on computers while I still had lessons with her, and she seemed happy to oblige. So I learned about how to organize files with a desktop or a text based terminal. It turned out, also, that there were three types of terminals and consoles in here. For training, some of the terminals ran a consumer OS like Macintosh or Windows, but most ran a private system developed by some group called “the Commission.”

The Commission system had the ideas of folders and files like other computers, but they tried to make the interface unobtrusive and easy to put the focus on the data. The Commission system also had two variants — information consoles used a cutting edge new system that you could use by talking to it or waving your hands like in some of those sci-fi movies. Most of the practical consoles used a more functional version, so new files could be made, and sorting was possible.

A few times, Ilsa suggested I was over-sorting, adding folders I didn’t need to have just because I might need them in the future. Then we covered a bit about using flash drives, SD cards, and naming files in a useful manner. Some of the sample file sorting problems looked ridiculous with files like “Copy of Copy of Untitled Document (6)” showing up regularly.

“Do people really do this,” I asked Ilsa, pointing to a wall of over a dozen “Untitled Document” files on my screen. “I mean, I’ve always made sure to at least give my files a name.”

“Sadly,” Ilsa said. “Yes, it happens a lot more than I would like, and while the file contents are spurious, the filenames are all real world examples I’ve catalogued in office environments where I’ve been brought in to help optimize their network storage. I’ve removed company information, obviously. Isn’t it miraculous that some people can get anything done on a computer?”

I giggled a bit as I opened them to find their contents and give them better names. “I guess so,” I said as I labeled one “Internal Memo Re Printer Supplies (August 2008)” and opened up the next file. “Wait, is this just a list of motivational quotes and images?”

“Personal files like this do get stored in company networks a lot,” Ilsa said. “Though some people store even more personal files. At least this might be something of value to them during working hours, some people keep a personal checkbook spreadsheet, or love letters to their wife or boyfriend, on their work storage for… well, I can’t imagine what reason.”

The lesson went well, and Ilsa seemed happy at the end. “I think if we focus your science lessons on data entry and management, you might find yourself very comfortable in this field of work, Hannah.”

“I guess so,” I said. “Um, thank you, Ilsa. I enjoyed this lesson.”

After that lesson, I went on to my next lesson in the pleasure wing with Geneva. I was a bit apprehensive and nervous, though, knowing that I was going to get basic sex training over the next few weeks. I was, as I’ve already noted, also a bit excited about it.

The truth is, I was still a virgin that day. I know, I’ve said my boyfriend was enjoyable — but we had only ever engaged in oral pleasure or mutual masturbation. I enjoyed him and, I guess, was letting him satisfy that need for sex Innu had mentioned, but I was still saving “myself” for someone special, and he wasn’t that guy. He was nice and cared, but I didn’t feel like he was. . . well, someone I wanted to give myself to in that way.

“Good morning,” Geneva said. “We are going to focus on sexual skills so you can be working before the rush of new slaves comes in. Before we start, I want to let you ask me some questions, so is there anything you want to talk about?”

I took a deep breath and sorted my mind. “I guess my first question would be how does it really feel? I, um, well, I’m still a virgin, so I’ve never had anything except a toy down there.”

Geneva nodded slowly. “A fair enough question,” she said. “And one we will answer tomorrow, if I can get permission to bring a man in to help us out. You will be assigned to general clients without a particular fetish inclination, though, so it should not hurt or be physically uncomfortable.”

I nodded. “Okay. And today, what do you plan to cover?”

“Masturbation of yourself and other females, with and without toys.” Geneva smiled and showed me a tray with four dildos on it. “To start with, I want to see your masturbate for a few minutes. Strip and lie back on this sofa, Hannah.”

With a heavy swallow, I walked towards the sofa.

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