Chapter 15: Heart of Gold

As I got changed for dinner, with Innu helping me into something casual, I kept thinking about Sarah’s words. Innu had said Sarah used drugs. . . that wasn’t a very nice thing, but she had also said Sarah seduced her slaves, and respected the ones who said no. “Innu, about Mistress Sarah?”

“Yes,” Innu said, helping me into a rose dress with a zipper at the back, the last piece of my outfit for tonight. “What about her?”

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Chapter 14: Heart and Home

Lunch was plain. Sandwiches, salad, an apple. It was. . . disappointing to go to such a plain meal after the morning I’d been through. Innu was waiting for me in the caf, and gave a playful grope and bise to Goldpenny before the gold-uniformed ponyslave went on her own way. Knowing that gold was labor, I was curious what her job was.

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Chapter 13: Let’s Talk About…

Did I mention that I’ve never gotten off before? Not when my boyfriend went down on me. Not when he probed and explored with his fingers. Not when I masturbated. Not even last night with that vibrator Innu got me. And now, here I was, spreading my legs like I was at a gynecologist, showing a teacher how I masturbated. I wasn’t ashamed of sex — but I was embarrassed to be in that position with someone watching and taking notes. It felt like I had been abducted by aliens.

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