Chapter 17: The Morning After

Apparently, we don’t have lessons all day every day. I can’t say every Owner is as generous with liberty as Pandora, because I honestly don’t know if they are, but I do know that Innu told me every fourth day, a group of slaves, even newcomers, got liberty. That means that while I still have my sex class with Miss Geneva, the rest of the day is up to me. I don’t even know what all the options are, but I do know a few options I don’t have. . .

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Chapter 16: Private Studies

That was not the end of the night, only the story, and dinner. We were able to visit the boutique and admire some clothes, accessories, and even some hand-crafted products of a more intimate nature. While we admired some of the creative designs, none of us bought anything. We were about to visit the library when Goldie’s watch began to buzz.

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