Chapter 16: Private Studies

That was not the end of the night, only the story, and dinner. We were able to visit the boutique and admire some clothes, accessories, and even some hand-crafted products of a more intimate nature. While we admired some of the creative designs, none of us bought anything. We were about to visit the library when Goldie’s watch began to buzz.

“Wow, I have a client request,” she said. She hugged Innu and they gave each other bises, then she and I did the same. It felt good to have a friend, someone who wasn’t assigned, and, I guess, someone who was also a female. “Take care, Hannah. I hope to see you again soon!”

After Goldie left us, Innu took us down to the park. We just took a walk through it, admiring the programmed sunset effect. I hadn’t noticed before, but the common lights dimmed along with the evening and nighttime effects. They seemed more artificial once it was obviously a night sky above us, but were still gentler.

With nothing else planned, we ended up heading home, and Innu seemed almost too excited to help me with my homework. We spent almost an hour at that before there was a knock at the door.

I wasn’t ready to entertain company in this state. Unfortunately, company didn’t care, and as Innu offered me a blanket, the door slid open and Pandora entered the room.

“Good evening,” she said with a gentle smile on her face. “I see you’re engaging with your studies, Hannah. Are you enjoying your lessons?”

I swallowed and blinked, like a deer caught in headlights. “I, well, I er, that is. . .”

Innu giggled slightly and padded on all fours to Pandora’s side, sitting like a pet dog once she had her position. Pandora’s hand dropped to stroke Innu’s mane.

“Words, Hannah. I know you’re clever enough to express yourself, and I don’t appreciate stuttering. If you need a moment, please keep silent.”

I blushed even more. “I think I am enjoying them,” I said quickly. “Well, not all of them, but overall.”

Pandora nodded. “I do have a core curriculum you will need to complete. Innu has told you that you will be working in short order, I trust.”

Something of the sort had come up. “Within two weeks, correct, Mistress?”

Pandora nodded. “In three days I have a client who wants a virgin threesome,” she said. “Will you be ready to work with Innu for that appointment?”

Three days? I took a deep breath in. “I. . . I will do my best, mistress.” Almost as soon as I said the words, I felt the rush of pleasure from the collar. Pandora was rewarding me for my willing compliance. I couldn’t even see her carrot, but I knew that she must have used it.

“Good,” Pandora said. She walked over to me and pulled the blanket off. “You don’t mind me watching you study, do you?”

“Do I have a choice?” Those are the words I did not say, but they were my first thought nonetheless. I simply nodded silently, biting my tongue and taking my hand between my legs.

After another hour of showing Pandora what I could do (and still not getting off, thank you for asking), she smiled and stood up. “Innu, remember that Hannah starts work in three days. Don’t let her stay up too late, and help her get herself as ready as possible.”

Innu barked and licked Pandora’s hand, then smiled. “Of course, Mistress. You know how much I love helping people.” She was very helpful. Well, is very helpful. I didn’t doubt she would help me out a lot. “Have a good night, Mistress!”

“Have a good night, Mistress,” I echoed, stifling back a yawn. Two hours of masturbation had me worn out, even if I was also more than a bit on edge.

“By the by,” Pandora said as she approached the door. “Please understand that for an authentic virgin experience, you are forbidden from having sex with any males, Hannah. You will get the experience required with oral and masturbation, but your sex belongs to this client. Geneva has been given instructions to ensure your lessons are suitable.”

I was taken aback, and might have expressed it if I weren’t letting out another huge yawn. By the time the yawn was over, Pandora had left me and Innu alone.

“You look like you need sleep,” Innu said, walking over to me. “But first, I want to do something nice for you. Homework is over, so let’s go to your room for this.”

I blinked, but pushed myself up from the sofa and nearly fell over. Why were my legs so wobbly and weak? I really could use sleep, but refusing Innu was hard when I was being mostly supported upright by her. She laid me down on my bed and then picked my toy up. “I’ll be back in a moment, Hannah. Don’t fall asleep on me!”

I nodded and probably said something in the affirmative. I was ready to sleep, but I was also hungry for something I couldn’t quite name at the time. I. . . I’m sorry, but I have to ask Innu to explain what happened. My brain was really wonky until the next morning.

Innu’s log: Third day of Hannah’s training. Was it the third day? Hm. . . Well, where she left off, right? Mistress visited us and watched Hannah do her homework. Two whole hours was an amazing effort on her part, but I could see by the end that she was getting close, but stuck behind a wall.

So I took her to her room, like she wrote down, and saw her special toy. I think I frowned, which is really unlike me, but she hadn’t washed it in the morning, and if I was going to help her finish her homework properly, I was going to need some help, so I told her not to fall asleep and keep masturbating while I cleaned it up for her.

When I got back, she was muttering something under her breath. I wasn’t eavesdropping, but I think she was having a wet dream about someone she’s met here, you know? Not a sleeping dream, though, she was still awake!

So I took her cleaned up toy and some warming lube, and told her I was going to use the toy to help her finish her homework with a proper orgasm. Because that’s what roomies are for!

I put some lube onto her vibrator and put it on a low setting, and started playing with her. It only took a few minutes at this point, and when she came she was whimpering and panting and moaning and, oh gosh, she’s a squirter! I won’t tell you what all she said, since orgasmic cries are sacred, but it was so nice to hear her finally get over the edge.

After that, I got a wash bucket and cleaned up her vibrator, then did my best to clean her and her bedding. I know some people like to sleep in it, but she was talking to me like she was in a dream or something, and since she never told me she wanted to sleep covered in her own sex juices, I assumed clean was good. By the time I finished cleaning her up, she was calm and asked me to stay with her.

So I got the wash bucket put away, and grabbed a big fluffy blanket from my room, and snuggled up with her under it. I mean, I could say a lot more, but Hannah looks a little annoyed right now. Um, okay, yeah, I have to finish off:

I slept with Hannah, but it was just an upperclassman sleeping with her precious underclassman! I held her close in my warm fur and she nuzzled close and calmed down, and we slept. We just slept. I didn’t do anything sexual after I got her off and cleaned her up.

Apparently, that. I don’t really remember it all, and when I ask for more details, Innu just smiles and offers me a hug. I don’t even remember what I was doing or who I was thinking of, but I do remember waking up the next morning in Innu’s arms. And while she may not have done anything, I woke up nuzzled against her breast, and since you want disclosure in this journal, Sarah, here’s what I remember about waking up:

I was nuzzled against her breast and decided to just, you know, take a lick. And a little bit of suckling. And I liked it. I liked it and it turned me on to suckle at her breast. I don’t know if she was awake yet or not, but I know it felt so sexy that I started petting her, and definitely squeezed her rear.

That was when I knew she was awake. She gently stroked my hair, and I looked up and saw her smiling.

“It’s fine if you like it,” she said, wrapping her arms a bit tighter around me. “I think we have time for a bath before breakfast, if you’re ready to get up.”

Blushing, and feeling unusually cold (I think I had shifted into my human form in embarrassment), I nodded. “A bath sounds nice.”

We were somehow early enough that the bath was completely empty. Innu told me what she did, but. . . Well, I asked her to write it because she remembers it, and I just know what she told me. Even if her writing is a bit vague about it, it does, completely, fit with what she told me during our bath. She helped me get my first orgasm, ever, and then held me through the night.

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