Chapter 17: The Morning After

Apparently, we don’t have lessons all day every day. I can’t say every Owner is as generous with liberty as Pandora, because I honestly don’t know if they are, but I do know that Innu told me every fourth day, a group of slaves, even newcomers, got liberty. That means that while I still have my sex class with Miss Geneva, the rest of the day is up to me. I don’t even know what all the options are, but I do know a few options I don’t have. . .

I woke up with Innu’s breasts in my face, and no clear memory of how or why Innu was in my bed. I know I already wrote this, but it’s important. I’ve had some more time to process it now, and I think this is important.

I’ve been interested in breasts for a while now. Maybe as long as I’ve had sexual thoughts, it’s hard to say. I like how my breasts look and feel, and I’ve had a lot of daydreams about groping, petting, kissing, and. . . Well, just enjoying other females’ breasts. So while I can’t say why, exactly, I feel that way, it’s not a new thing.

It wasn’t new to me to be given to imagine how it would feel to lick, kiss, and even suck on Innu’s breast. I’ve thought about it a few times since we got here, but feeling her arms around me made me feel safe, and smelling her so close, I just couldn’t hold the impulse in. She was asleep, so she wouldn’t ever need to know.

I nuzzled them a few times at first, letting the warmth of her body and softness of her fur comfort and prepare me mentally for what I was about to try. I. . . Well, I started to enjoy it. Not just a fantasy, but a reality. I was enjoying being in her arms, showing my lust for breasts off to her breasts. They seemed to appreciate it, though I know that’s all just physical responses. Then I felt her breathing shift.

I was too far in to just stop, so I kept going for a few minutes. I knew she was awake, and I could hear her responses. Honestly, hearing how she felt turned me on more than just living that fantasy out. I got lost in the moment until I groped her rear, and squeezed her arms gently.

“Have you ever done that before?”

I blushed and pulled my lips and tongue away. “N-no, I just, I don’t know what got into me,” I lied. Well, not lied, but not really honest there either.

“It’s okay. I’m proud to be Mistress Pandora’s slave, and I like sexy things.” She relaxed her embrace and slid down so we were face to face, then gave me a tender, caring nuzzle, cheek to cheek. “For a first timer, that felt good, Hannah. Would you like to do it again?”

“She felt her face grow flush with heat,” I whispered and nodded. “I. . . I think I would. Just not right this moment. I’m sorry I did that while you were sleeping.”

“I was awake before you,” she said softly and kissed me on the nose. “So, how was your first orgasm?”

“My first what?” I blinked in confusion. As I already said, everything after Pandora left was kind of a blur. I didn’t know, yet, what had happened, or if I did, it was a weird haze of ideas that had no sequence or sense to them. I remembered leaning on Innu, I remembered her taking my toy out of the room, but not much else except how horny I was. I knew I was still playing with myself for a while before I went to sleep, but the details were, and still are, fuzzy.

“Why don’t we go for a bath and I’ll tell you all about it.”

The bath was quiet, apart from Innu loudly recounting my story. Nobody else was there. It turns out we were in at the end of the night shift, just before all the brothel work finished, and when most of the students who weren’t in the brothel were sound asleep.

I was grateful for that, because Innu was quite. . . Graphic in her description of what I had been saying and doing, and what she did to me. All with my special toy. And she wrapped the story up with a reminder to always clean up my toys as soon as possible when I use them. I have to admit that listening to her tell the story reminded me of some of the erotica I’ve read outside, and it did turn me on.

But we didn’t do anything in the bath besides clean up, relax a bit, and get ready for another day of courses. It was only on the way out of the bath, in a clean uniform, that Innu told me:

“By the way, you only have miss Geneva and Charles today.”

“I do?”

“Liberty day. Have you even checked your schedule yet?”

I shook my head. “You told me you would show me how to use the terminals for my personal use but never got around to it.”

Innu’s jaw fell, but she quickly shook herself as if she were shaking water out of her fur and came back with her composure — but a slightly messy mane.

“So, breakfast, right?” I tried to deflect from whatever she was about to say, but it didn’t work.

“Of course, and after Geneva’s lesson, we’re going to the library before you see Charles! You need to know how to check your schedule, Hannah!”

Breakfast was small talk. Not that I had much to small talk about, but Innu pointed out some of the other people we saw. Night shift brothel workers grabbing a snack in their pink shirts before going to their apartments for sleep. She pointed out one particular face that I was surprised I hadn’t noticed until she pointed to her.

“That’s Yuki’s favorite,” Innu said with a slight catch in her breath. “Akari.”

“That doesn’t sound like Lee Two-Five or those other two names at the salon, though.” I thought all of Yuki’s slaves has a serial number for a name. Of course, I also thought they all wore latex suits covering almost every inch of their bodies, but Akari had her face exposed. Her whole face. She was a Japanese woman with a pleasant and soft smile, almost blissful, but her eyes eyes were focused and sharp. She also had no uniform over the top of her latex outfit — for one of Yuki’s drones, I imagined that was equivalent to being nude.

“That’s how I know she’s the favorite,” Innu said, staring at the drone across the cafeteria. She suddenly snapped her gaze back to me, and I turned: Akari was looking in our direction. “She didn’t see me, right?”

“I think she did,” I said, almost ready to laugh at how nervous Innu seemed about this. “I thought you said no poaching, right?”

“She’s just eating, right?”

“No, she just stood up,” I said, watching Akari lift her tray with almost mechanical precision. “And now she’s walking this way.”

As Akari reached us, I heard a sweet and emotional-filled voice. “Ohayou gozaimasu. A-KA-RI to moushimasu, hajimemashite!”

I knew “Ohayou” but I got lost on the rest. “I’m sorry? Do you speak German?”

“Doitsugo, ne? Doumo sumimasen! Program Doitsugo: shokka.” Her eyes glazed over for a moment, and then she blinked a few times.

“Good morning. You may call me A-KA-RI. It’s my pleasure to meet you, please be kind.” Her voice had a hint of an accent, but otherwise seemed like perfect German. Had she said “program?”

“Uh, hello, Akari,” I said with a polite smile, but I’m sure I showed some confusion. “I’m Hannah, and this is. . .”

“Innu,” Akari said. “We met at the opening gala. And please, this one is designated A-KA-RI.” She emphasized the distinction of the three syllables, almost like a tiny stop. It felt like the same rhythm that Lee Two-Five used for his name. “It is more pleasant to be called by the designation its Mistress has given than any informality.”

“Oh, so. . . It’s a serial number, just like Lee Two-Five?”

Innu was staring at her tray as A-KA-RI sat at the round table, between the two of us.

“Correct. A-KA-RI is Mistress Yuki’s first drone. RI-NI-GO is a capable housekeeper, has it been designated your instructor?”

“Yes,” I said, smiling a bit. Yuki was Japanese, so it made sense her names were in Japanese. “Why does he call himself Lee Two-Five?”

“Mistress assigned the translations herself,” A-KA-RI said with a smile and a hint of laughter. “It is a convenience to our foreign compatriots. A-KA-RI is exempt from this policy, but understands their translated names.”

I turned to Innu, who was burying her face in the tray by now. “Innu, are you alright? A-KA-RI,” I turned to the drone for a moment and got a slight nod, “Seems to have come over to talk with you.”

Innu mumbled something and looked up. “I just, well, I was just pointing people out to Hannah and you were there.”

“You were staring,” I said with a teasing tone. “You seem to get this way around all of Yuki’s drones. What is it about them?”

“It is probably our manner of uniform,” A-KA-RI offered. “Many people find that our smooth and featureless bodies are attractive, as they can see our shape without the distraction of blemishes, scars, or birthmarks. As Drones, we are all the same, regardless of the differences under our uniform.”

“But you aren’t the same,” Innu said suddenly. “You still have a face, Akari. Part of you isn’t just a drone. . . And you’re right about the latex, but you’re different from all of the others.”

A-KA-RI nodded softly. “Mistress values A-KA-RI in a special way, as her first. A-KA-RI is special, and its face is displayed only to show the added value Mistress gives to it.”

I blushed a bit at that. A mistress who made all of her slaves equals still had a favored slave who was, to take the metaphor from Orwell, more equal. A-KA-RI didn’t view herself, or itself, as being any more individual than Lee Two-Five, just a member of a collective. The special treatment her, er, its mistress gave didn’t set it apart within the collective, only to outsiders.

“Mistress Yuki is amazing,” A-KA-RI said with a pleasant sigh. I’m not sure if she even realized how different she was from Lee Two-Five. He spoke like a robot reading lines. She spoke like a person infatuated, or maybe in love, with her mistress. She still had emotions, or had the ability to express them. Whether that was because of her face or Yuki’s favor, I’m still not certain.

We finished eating with lighter discussion. A-KA-RI, as Yuki’s favorite, was exempted from work in the brothel. She offered to ask if Yuki would consult with Pandora about letting Innu try on a drone-suit. Innu was pretty nervous, but she agreed that if Pandora was agreeable to the idea, she’d do it.

Innu excused herself before I had to leave for my one class of the day. A-KA-RI also excused herself when her bracelet began to vibrate. I finished my breakfast quietly before heading, with a new level of respect and interest, for miss Geneva’s classroom, using my bracelet as Innu had demonstrated to lead me to the room we were using today.

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