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Chapter 16: Private Studies

That was not the end of the night, only the story, and dinner. We were able to visit the boutique and admire some clothes, accessories, and even some hand-crafted products of a more intimate nature. While we admired some of the creative designs, none of us bought anything. We were about to visit the library when Goldie’s watch began to buzz.

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Chapter 15: Heart of Gold

As I got changed for dinner, with Innu helping me into something casual, I kept thinking about Sarah’s words. Innu had said Sarah used drugs. . . that wasn’t a very nice thing, but she had also said Sarah seduced her slaves, and respected the ones who said no. “Innu, about Mistress Sarah?”

“Yes,” Innu said, helping me into a rose dress with a zipper at the back, the last piece of my outfit for tonight. “What about her?”

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Chapter 14: Heart and Home

Lunch was plain. Sandwiches, salad, an apple. It was. . . disappointing to go to such a plain meal after the morning I’d been through. Innu was waiting for me in the caf, and gave a playful grope and bise to Goldpenny before the gold-uniformed ponyslave went on her own way. Knowing that gold was labor, I was curious what her job was.

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Chapter 13: Let’s Talk About…

Did I mention that I’ve never gotten off before? Not when my boyfriend went down on me. Not when he probed and explored with his fingers. Not when I masturbated. Not even last night with that vibrator Innu got me. And now, here I was, spreading my legs like I was at a gynecologist, showing a teacher how I masturbated. I wasn’t ashamed of sex — but I was embarrassed to be in that position with someone watching and taking notes. It felt like I had been abducted by aliens.

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