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Innu is a loyal slave to Pandora and has been selected as Hannah’s mentor in the facility. Innu is a dog-girl who is bubbly and extremely submissive. She was also originally involuntary, but now wouldn’t want any other life and hopes to bring Hannah round to this.

Chapter 7: Home Enough

There are three sorts of living arrangements inside Pandora’s Box. There are two-bed, one-bed, and apartment housing options, though to say that they are “options” ignores, somewhat, the nature of being a slave. Innu showed me her one-bed apartment, a cozy little space with a bedroom, a private bathroom, and a living space with a mini-kitchen. She also said she doesn’t use the mini-kitchen much.

    The apartments are bigger and more customizable, but they aren’t for slaves. The apartments are reserved for owners, like Pandora or the doctor who performed my physical exam. A slave might have a room set aside in an owner’s apartment, but that would generally be reserved for one like Innu, who is loyal and eager, and whom Pandora cares for deeply.

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Chapter 6: The Grand Tour – Part 2

Sex. Sex sells. We all know it. So I wasn’t the least bit surprised, once I’d found out this was a slavers’ ring, that they trained sex slaves. In fact, I was a little bit excited. It turns out that they will force all of the sex slaves to receive training to act bisexual, whether they are or not. Other than that, there’s hardly anything enforced by Pandora that is particularly deviant.

She requires us to understand the male and female anatomy so we can pleasure both with our hands, our tongue, our lips, and the basic, mainstream toys like dildos and vibrators. We’re also taught how to kiss, and how to interpret what our partner wants. When I first walked into the sex room, I was nervous, yes, but also deeply thrilled and excited.

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Chapter 5: The Grand Tour – Part 1

In this age, slave labor is apparently used in many industries and fields. It’s not usually free, though it is cheaper than legal wages in most of the developed world, and one of the reasons that facilities like Pandora’s Box haven’t really cropped up in Africa and southeast Asia. Basically, if people can engage in slavery in the open, there’s no need for a place like this.

And what sort of work is there? Well, we train people for all sorts of things. Sometimes manual labor like automobile maintenance, sometimes interpersonal labor like serving customers at a restaurant. Then there’s the knowledge division, which includes training physicians and nurses at a fraction of the cost of a medical school. We also train domestic workers, entertainers, and pleasure slaves. More about those in a bit. . .

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Chapter 4: The Uniform Makes the Slave

Pandora was entrusted with all of the responsibilities for this facility, including paying the price for failure if anything goes wrong. Nobody talks about what that price is, but I imagine it’s something in the “fate worse than death” category. Maybe she ends up as a slave like us.

Still, the responsibility included designing the structure and aesthetic of the facility, and in terms of tying things together, I can’t help but compliment her skills, even if I don’t have much love for her as a person. Everything in here seems to be designed to fit together.

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Chapter 3: Reward and Punishment

There isn’t a formal name for the tablet and smartphone like terminals used within the Facilities. Pandora called hers “the carrot,” but for the most part they are the same hardware as a smartphone, a tablet, or a tablet PC, depending on their size and intended function. “The carrot” was, however, a euphemism based on the “carrot and stick” approach to training. I am glad she preferred the carrot to the stick, though.

    I, personally, like the terms “remote”, “tablet”, and “terminal” for the three different devices, and so I’m going to continue using them as I write my story under the orders of miss Sarah, who is hoping that this diary will help me adapt more quickly to my “new place in life,” as Miss Pandora put it.

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